March FAQ

Day of March Instructions HERE!

1. When is the Augusta Solidarity March?
The Augusta Solidarity March will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2017, at 1pm EST.

2. What is the Augusta Solidarity March about?
The Augusta Solidarity March is about showing that we stand in solidarity with the preservation and progression of women's rights, as well as all of the other civil and human rights that the diverse population of women, their partners, their families, and their children encompass.

3. What does that mean?
I believe the national Women's March on Washington has summed this up succinctly so I will quote from them here: "While each person may have their own reasons for marching, the mission is to bring people together to take a stand on issues that deeply impact all of us. The marches will seek to reaffirm the core American values of freedom and democracy for all at a time when many fear that their voices will be lost, specifically related to women's rights, immigrant rights, worker rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, environmental rights, rights for all races, and religious freedom." (Sister March, Press Release - January 9, 2017)

4. What does the march hope to accomplish?
We hope to bring people of the CSRA and beyond together in support of the aforementioned women's, human, and civil rights, and we hope for this march to serve as a foundation for a future of better interpersonal communication and civil discourse between all residents of the area, regardless of their political affiliation, religious association, or personal opinions.

5. Are there any restrictions or requirements regarding march participation?
Yes, there is a local waiver of participation as well as some march agreements that are in effect in conjunction with the national Women's March on Washington. They are as follows:
a) We will use no violence (physical or verbal) towards any person.
b) We will not destroy or damage property.
c) We will promote a tone of respect, honesty, transparency, and accountability in our actions.
d) We will not carry anything that can be construed as a weapon, nor possess (or consume) any alcohol or drugs.
e) We are nonpartisan, and will use the Augusta Solidarity March primarily to express our support for women's rights and human rights in our communities and the country, rather than to criticize politicians or political parties.
f) We will all hold each other accountable to respecting these agreements.

6. What will happen if someone does not wish to abide by the above agreement(s)?
Anyone who is found to be purposefully violating the above agreements will be requested to cease their offensive behaviors; if they do not wish to comply they will be removed from the procession if we feel that their behavior is a liability to those around them.

7. Are men welcome at the march?
Yes. Everyone is welcome at the march that wishes to stand in solidarity with any of the aforementioned women's, human, and civil rights.

8. How did this local Women's March on Washington - Sister March come together?
Two Augusta women who wished to participate in this show of solidarity were moved to create and organize a sister march locally due to travel limitations and family responsibilities.

9. I have heard rumors that there has been some controversy around how the Augusta Solidarity March came together. Can you explain the circumstances behind these rumors?
Absolutely. This being the first event of this kind (or of any kind, actually) that the co-founders and organizers have been involved in, we had a few hiccups at the start of this project. We initially had 6 individuals who were working on getting this march off the ground. We did not think to vet any of these individuals, as we assumed that there would not be anyone who wished to be involved in creating this event who would hold any opinions or beliefs that were in opposition to our message and our intent. Following one of our planning meetings, it was brought to our attention that one of the individuals was known to have ties to white supremacists and neo-nazi organizations. Upon receipt of such information, and verifying the veracity of the charges ourselves, the individual in question was removed from any and all organizational or participatory discussion before 24 hours had elapsed, and has not been involved in any manner since then. We are now comprised of a group of volunteers who are dedicated not only to the Solidarity March on the 21st, but also to the future of Augusta Solidarity LLC as an organization, and we are grateful for the input and insight of those more versed in this type of affair who have helped us to find sure footing on our path forward.

10. Do I have to register or purchase tickets to attend the Augusta Solidarity March?
No, you do not, it is simply helpful for us to be able to have an approximate headcount of attendees. The Solidarity March is free to attend.

11. What is the route for the march?
The Solidarity March will begin and end at Springfield Village Park (aka Peace Park) at the corner of Reynolds and 12th Streets in Downtown Augusta. For security purposes we will not be publicizing the route itself prior to the march, but we can tell you that it is approximately 3.78 miles.

12. Will the route be accessible for those with disabilities/physical limitations?
Yes, the route is accessible for those with disabilities and/or physical limitations.

13. What if there is inclement weather on the day of the march?
This march is going to occur rain or shine. It is up to individual participants whether they wish to brave any uncomfortable weather situations. Please make sure to check the local weather (zipcode 30901), especially day of, so that you are properly dressed for the elements and for comfort during the march itself.

14. Will there be a police or security presence?
Yes, there will be a police presence throughout the route as well as at the park both prior to the march and after the march. There are also security measures that are being put into effect.

15. I can't attend the march but I want to help, how can I do this?
Thank you for offering your support! You can assist us by donating to help cover the event fees and/or you can help by spreading the word to those who you feel may be interested in attending the march itself and/or donating in turn.

16. Will there be shirts for sale at the march?
Yes, there will be a limited number of shirts for sale at the march. If you wish to have a shirt but do not purchase one before they sell out on site, then you may still enter an order for one that can be acquired at a later date.